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Dear friends and family,

For over 33 years we have collected pictorial weaving from the peoples of the Silk Road.

We are happy to share these with you in a special online exhibition.

Most of these are up in our gallery - Ali Baba's Cave - for you to visit.

We have all been told that the depiction of living beings is forbidden in the Islamic world.

This is not entirely true, as many cultures in the Islamic World use imaging in their textiles: for example, the Baluchies, Kurds, Persians, and Turkmen peoples.

 In addition, the Shia people are much more relaxed about the 'rules' forbidding pictures than the Sunni people generally are.

There are also non Muslim peoples who are not under these restrictions: people of the Christian, Zoroastrian & Jewish faith, plus Armenian, Greek, & Assysarian peoples .

Thus, the scope of examples is potentially vast, and always interesting. Please note:  the textiles shown are not for sale, and are part of our permanent collection.

There are, however, other examples in our shop which are for sale.

Please visit our shop to see what we are presently offering.

We hope you will enjoy the online exhibition, and are moved to come visit us soon.

Please click here or the image above to enter the online exhibition.

Please click here to visit our online store.

all best,

Saul & the Sun Bow Crew  


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