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Spring and Summer 2012
Camel Flowers: An exhibition of animal decorations from the tribal peoples of Anatolia & Iran
May 2011
Pictorial Textiles from the Old Silk Road.
January 2010
Nazarlik: Small pieces as a window into the consciousness of tribal peoples from the Silk Road.
February 2008
Images of Prayer and Seclusion:
A collection of Prayer Rugs, Prayer Hangings, with selected Koran Bags
September 2007
Arrayed in Splendour - Garbed in Glory:
Traditional Clothing from the Peoples of the Old Silk Road.
May 2006
Preliminary Observations on Nazarlik:
Textiles, colors, pattern, language and ornamentation which ward off the evil eye.
June 2005
Observations on Traditional Hospitality Rugs from The Anatolian Plateau
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