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Konya, February, 2005
Weaver, Konya area
Saul in the Konya Mountains
March, 2005

Dear friends and family,

Well, once again our Caravan is in movement as we look for greener pastures for our flocks.

We hope to remain Downtown, and there are a few places we are looking at. Of course, as soon as we know, we'll inform you of our encampment.

As we look, and prepare to move our life continues:

Saul will be speaking at the Textile Museum in Washingtion, D.C. on Saturday, March 12th on Tulus and other examples of this native art form.

And, we are just back from our latest trip through the Turkish Mountains. There was heavy snow and we found great art pieces - best news is that our Turkish friends allowed us to buy at old rates, rather than paying the newest rates where the dollar is no longer Kingly, and has fallen 25% against the Turkish Lira.

Do come by and visit for more details: the tea is hot, as are the stories, and the bargain pile is massive and 50% off our regular low prices.

All best, and hope to see you soon,

Saul & the Sun Bow Crew

   We've been outfitting caravans
from Downtown Charlottesville since 1978.
   Sun Bow Trading Company
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Charlottesville, Va 22902

Right off the Mall
The South Street Bread & Breakfast
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  Open Monday through Saturday
11:00 - 6:00
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