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Saul and Stephanie in front of Hittite ruins near Konya
Sun Bow Trading - one of our four gallery spaces
November, 2005

Happy Holidays to all.

Dear friends and family,

2005 has been a challenging year. We've moved just off the mall, a two minute walk from the downtown Regal cinema, and meanwhile watched some "old friends" go out of business. Well, we're still here after almost 30 years, and , God willing, we'll be here another 30 years.

There's a lot of news from the Sun Bow Front:

Our traditional Pre-Christmas Thank You Sale will open to the general public the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 25th. Our unique and personally selected textile jewels will be 30% off our original low prices. Included in the sale will be our newest treasures from this September's trip

Customers who receive our printed newsletter are invited to our Private Customer Appreciation Sale, starting November 14th (Monday). Dont' wait

Our web site has been updated to include an exhibition section featuring our premier Gallery exhibition of Tulus. And we are working on including our most recent Textile Museum presentation - "Nazarlik" - colors, patterns, and devices which ward off the "evil eye".

For our friends and family who could not make it to Washington, this presentation will be revisited in our newest in-house exhibition: "Nazarlik - Ju Ju, magic, and other "energetic" devices designed to ward of the "evil eye".

For a special treat, we are presenting our very own Sun Bow tote bags and field bags. These are both beautiful and sturdy. Make a fashion statement with one of our fabulous Sun Bow bags. Great design, great colors, and of course, great prices.

Public TV Auction Update: WVPT from Harrisonburg, Virginia, will feature Saul speaking about a Caucasian carpet we have donated to their auction Friday night, November 11, after 10:00 p.m. - watch for us, and bid to support this worthy institution.

Marsh Arab Update: Yes, we have located a few of these marvelous weavings by the ancient (Neolithic) people of Iraq. Of course they are spectacular.

Looking Ahead: The year 2006 is shaping up to be an exciting year, as we are already planning a February return to Uzbekistan - visiting Tashkent, Bukarra and Samarkand. And, the textile Museum in Washinton has asked us to prepare a talk for Spring 2006. More on this later. All best, and hope to see you soon,

Saul & the Sun Bow Crew

   We've been outfitting caravans
from Downtown Charlottesville since 1978.
   Sun Bow Trading Company
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