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The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Registan Square, Samarkand
Textile dealer, Bukhara
March, 2006

Dear friends and family,

Well, we did it once again - a return to Uzbekestan. This time, however, we did it without interference from the old Soviet bureaucracy, so of course we had a fabulous trip. We visited Tashkent, Bokkara and Samarkand. And found great stuff - newly made Traditional Silk Ikat Chapans (Robes) and old small bags. Wait till you see them. The Uzbek people are as gracious as the Turkish villagers were 40 years ago. What a pleasant discovery. The country is rich in history, and culture. We felt very welcome.

Konya was also good for us. We located a few more Marsh Arab kilims, some Afshar and Baluch Soffras, a few Baktiari mixed technique open bags and a wonderful collection of Anatolian nomadic and village kilims. All in all our best haul in years. And, by the time you are reading this, all our treasures will be in house, awaiting your inspection and approval.

We are also working on putting more of our exhibitions on our web site: The next one to be showcased (hopefully in a week or two) will be our Nazarlik Exhibition - which is currently on display in our gallery.

To help celebrate our return - we have set up a new and exciting Spring Bargain Pile! Great old stock at prices you won't believe. Help us find a loving home for these old friends.

More news: Our December benefit for WVPT Public Television in Harrisonburg was a great success. We offered an old Caucasian carpet - and it brought full retail value. Many thanks to all our family who bid on this fine carpet, and helped this worthy cause.

And, speaking of benefits, we also did well for our friends in the Bay Area (Planet Drum Foundation). Our January exhibition and benefit sale for them was not only fun but successful.

And a special thanks to the folks at the Paramount Theater for the honor they gave us during the concert of Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. Not only did the invitation to their reception feature our weavings, but the Founders' Lounge was decorated with our textiles and artifacts. And, we all got to wear our new Ikat Robes while we listened. WOW!

The tea is hot and our brand new stories await your approval.

Looking forward to the pleasure of your company .

saul and the sun bow crew

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