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Street, Konya
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Summer in Anatolia, 2007

Dear friends and family,

It was Post ICOC (International Conference of Oriental Carpets) in Turkey, and the vast majority of dealers I spoke to in May & June were pleased with the results of the Conference: they reported that Old Pieces sold well, and the 'market' was picking up again.

Our concentration (this trip) was on 20th century art textile, and we are very pleased to report that we found quite a few great ones.

Marsh Arab embroidered kilims are becoming even rarer, and are starting to be newly made for the market. We did find a few of the older ones - we chose not to purchase any of the copies.

Village kilims are once again appearing in the market. These are mid 20th century, and were probably dowery pieces. Some we saw were as good as they get, and so, of course, we got some to bring home.

Textiles from Central Asia, are still available, and at a better price than those we saw in Uzbekestan.

It appears that we may be seeing the last group of Caucasian Sumacs. In addition to the end of the supply, we are told that the customs officials on both side of the borders are so severe (meaning expensive), that it no longer makes any economic sense to bring any carpets or sumacs into Turkey. We have heard this before, and perhaps we need only await a new border crossing to manifest.

An Amazing piece of data: The Turkish Lira is gaining strength against the Dollar. Many thanks to our Turkish family, they held firm to their old prices. So, our prices will not have to rise with inflation.

The Turkish election is just over, and the ruling (semi-religious) party has won major victories. Our friends in Konya are very happy with the results. As to the more Urban Turks, we'll have to await our September visit to see.

Well, the pieces have arrived safely, and they look even better in the gallery than they did in Turkey. The tea is ready to serve, and the Bargain Pile is in it's last days.

Hurry in for the best selection of these fabulous examples of Tribal textile art, and meet our new pug puppy - 'Miss Adorable'.

all best and awaiting your visit with anticipation,

saul & the sun bow crew

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