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Chefs, Firin (Konya) Kabab Restaurant, Konya
Saul, Closing the Firin Kabab Restaurant

A Friend Enjoying Tea and Company, Konya

January & February, 2009

A food update from Turkey:

Gellik is still our favorite fresh fish restaurant. It's true that all Turks have their own favorites, and I have observed heated arguments over which is truly the best.

Let's face it. All fresh fish which is gently cooked is wonderful. But to us, Gellik has all the best side dishes to go with the fish. And their service is exceptional.

As is the food and20service at Hamdi. The pistachio kofta was as superb as always. And their view over the Golden Horn is unequaled. Just be sure to make your reservations for the Terrace.

In Konya, the humble Soup Restaurants continue to catch our attention. Especially in the morning (when the selection is better). Ask them to give you a small sample of each one - so you can choose. And the Ladies Market was open and filled with fresh and beautiful produce...and our favorite village cheeses. Yummy!

Add to all this Konya Kebab (Firin kibab - very slowly baked lamb) - and we have some of the great culinary treats of all times and places.

Koska still has the best pistachio halveh (fresh as well as tinned for travel), and Haci Bozan still has the best baklava with water buffalo cream...although they have moved their restaurant far, far away, their dessert shop is still close-by.



As you will have heard - ACORE in St Louis (April 30-May3) has be en cancelled, so I will have to wait to make a presentation of my collection of animal trappings.

However, the Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA) has asked me to speak and show some of my 'small piece' collection. That's in Atlanta, Georgia - July 8,9,10 - 2009. I'll be 'sharing the platform' with John Wertime who will be speaking on Sumac bags.

And , we are in discussion with our Turkish family in creating an eating and ethnographic tour of Western and Central Anatolia. If it goes well, this will be in Autumn 2009, and will include the regional cuisines and cultural highlights we have spoken of many times.

Including: village deep baked lamb (a cooking technique probably dating from Hittite times), camel wrestling(Central Asian in origin), local music, folk lore, regional costumes, our favorite Ethnographic and religious Museums, and the best of food, culture and stories.

Let us know if you are interested, and we'll make sure you are kept informed as we progress.

Looking forwards to seeing you for our Celebration Sale -

March 6 & 7 (Friday & Saturday, 2009.

The tea is hot and the stories are all fresh

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