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News From the Sun Bow Front:

Letter from Anatolia - May 2010 - A Report:

Dear friends and family,

Well, once again, we braved the Northern European hinterlands in search of the White Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce. It's very seasonal.

I am please to report that we were successful, and almost ate our fill.

Then onto Turkey for even more culinary delights - the rugs we found were great too.

Istanbul was filled with tourists for a Grand Prix extravaganza, and we escaped to Konya just in time. Hotels were full, and the bazaar was filled with lookers. It is still a great time to buy.

Istanbul is a fun city. Went to the Yapi Kredi Gallery in Taksim for their exhibition on the Lydians - was wonderful, as good as most fine museums - and it's free. Also check out their book store. Found Josephine Powell's book for only $42.00. Wow!

In the Bazaar, I found a Shah Miran carpet from Sivas, and a 1930's Soviet 'mindar' as well as a number of great kilims (Youmud, Arabi, and village). Then onto Konya.

click here for a slide show of images from the May trip

Konya was amazing. The number of pieces which are hidden from view is astounding. Not everyone will show you their 'treasures.' Most feel that if a piece is offered, and then refused, than there is a 'cloud' over it.

We found everything we came looking for. Small pieces, large pieces, and all the 'special' things that make it important to buy directly - including an old Shah Miran embroidery.

Was taken to the village of Chichurchiman - just outside of Konya. What incredible hospitality. What loving and wonderful people.

The younger villagers have left for the big city, and the land is held by their parents and grandparents. The village itself is small but very picturesque, and is reached by a narrow road, surrounded by both fields and fruit trees.

We arrived in the late afternoon - unannounced {There is an old Turkish saying - "Both death and the visitor come unexpectedly"} - and were immediately seated in the guest room, and served tea.

Within a short time our hosts were offering us an enormous platter of home made and local grown delicacies: Fresh baked village bread, home made butter and yoghurt, honey from their hives, their own tomatoes and cucumbers, warm hard boiled eggs, fruit preserves from their trees, and on and on, and on.

It was a feast to remember, and the love that flowed forth from these people was palpable and imbued all of their offerings. It made me remember my early days in Turkey and what Hospitality truly means.

There is much to say about the value of being "off the grid" and living a simple life. Eating one's own food is one of them.

click here for a slide show of images from the May trip

A food update:

We tried both the inexpensive and the expensive this trip - Hamdi (still the best for Pistachio Kufta), Korosani (close to the Hali Hotel and very good kufta), as well as Gellik for fish. All have kept their reputations intact and still serve the best.

In Konya, Firrin Kebab (Konya Kebab - slow baked lamb) is a local speciality. We tried a couple of places, but Ali Baba is still the best - simple but fabulous taste. Fresh fish from the Black Sea is also available, but it seems that Konya people like lamb before fish.

Our shipment is due for export. And, Old Fashioned Bargain Days are upcoming. We plan on including the shipment in our sale - so, it's your good fortune.

And, for the first time ever, we will be highlighting our newest treasures in their stand-alone exhibition. Coming soon.

The tea is hot, the stories are all new and improved,

and we await your visit with great anticipation

all best

saul & the sun bow crew

click here for a slide show of images from the May trip


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