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Turkey - October, 2010

Dear friends and family,

October is always a great time to visit Anatolia; the weather is warm but not hot, and the Fall rains give one a good excuse to stay close to the hotel for local food and a good travel book.

Although everyone said that it was more and more difficult to locate good rugs, we still found more than we could afford. There are some great pieces coming through - just in time four our annual Thanksgiving-to-Christmas sale.

This year, we'll have

40% OFF

all general stock

That's almost 2,000 pieces to choose from, in all sizes and colors.

Special Preview Days (for our customer only)

November 15th -24th

That's Monday through Wednesday (that's 9 days!). Get a head start on the general public.

Regular sale dates: November 26th (Friday) through Christmas.

Firin kebab chefs at Ali Baba in Konya

Food was wonderful as always. In Istanbul, Hamdi and Khorosani both have wondrous pistachio grilled lamb kufta. And in Konya, Ali Baba is still the absolute best for Konya Kebab (slow roasted lamb), called firin kebab.

I also got a haircut in Konya. This is an experience not to be missed. Javet has been my Konya barber for almost 30 years - we have grown older together. This is an experience of maleness, and male bonding without violence.

Firstly, you must make an appointment - he is very popular. Then, when you arrive, you are given tea and a comfortable chair to watch the other customers being barbered, shaved, and generally cared for. This includes ear and nose hair - they still use flame to singe the hair in your ears. And, when it is all over, one feels like a powerful being again.

Being used to either unisex or female barbering in Charlottesville, I have missed the "old boy" chats and the male-only atmosphere. Well, it still exists in Konya.

Ananda calls Turkey a "hothouse" for male energy, and it is truly a place where one's maleness is an asset, and not a liability.

Saul walking through a village in the Konya mountains.

Tourism is up and turkey is experiencing a real growth in GNP, and is now number 9 or 10 among the world's economies. Hotels were full, and in Istanbul, the Sultan Ahmet area was crowded.

Most importantly, the Turkish Lira has gained against the Dollar. That's right, you heard it correctly! In May, the Turkish Lira was about 150 to the Dollar - and now, 4 1/2 months later, it is 142 Turkish Lira to the Dollar.

I am happy to say that our business family didn't raise their prices to us, so our prices will stay very affordable.

We found a few more Marsh Arab kilims, a goodly number of artistic village pieces, and a few Veramin soffras


Kurdish Kilim, Iran, 6 x 11.5 ft, 1920s, $3,850

The shipment is being readied as I write this, and should be with us in a week or so - just in time for our Thank You Sale.

Remember, our Customer Preview Sale is November 15th to the 24th - 40% Off general stock. On November 26th (the Friday after Thanksgiving), our sale becomes open to the public.

IMPORTANT NEWS: We still have a large selection of 4' x 6' Afghan Baluch carpets at only $299 each. Many to choose from! We also continue to update and add to the "Rugs for Sale" section of our website. Keep checking back with us for more fabulous pieces.

Regarding the recent embargo on Persian rugs: while others are raising their prices, our pieces will be included in our holiday sale at 40% off. Remember, it will be more difficult to replace our current holdings at any reasonable cost, so hurry in for the best selection and price.

Saul having tea and see in Konya.

The tea is hot and the stories grow with each re-telling.

Looking forward to having "tea and see" with y'all soon.

All best wishes for the upcoming Holiday Season,

Saul and the Sun Bow Crew


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