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News from the Sun Bow Front:
January 2019
Sun Bow Trading, the business, is now closed.

Sun Bow Trading is no longer in business.

It closed its retail and internet business in 2016 and closed its wholesale business in 2018

The Sun Bow Trading website remains up as an archive for personal use only by its former owner.

The Sun Bow Trading website has no interaction with the public, no employees and is not affiliated with any local, state or government agency.

To all the friends, family, customers, weavers, dealers, suppliers, scholars and visitors, here and around the world who have supported Sun Bow Trading since our start in 1978,

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

What a fantastic run it has been - from Konya to Kashgar, with loads of stops in between.

And now, finally, the truth can be told:

We have been the major supplier to The Mezzanine Gallery Shop, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for all the rugs and kilims sold there since 1983.

Many thousands of our rugs, kilims and accoutrements were sold there.

They went to artists, royalty, museum curators, celebrities, textile experts and people from all walks of life, world wide - including people from Turkey who were amazed to find a better selection of quality and artistic beauty there than they could find at home.

This great blessings has allowed us to travel the world, seeking woven treasures, and gave us a viable venue to show and sell our findings. All this while living in and operating out of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Like many great adventures, this one started with a simple act. In Rome, for New Years Day 1982, meeting Luciano Cohen, a Roman rug dealer, and taking him to Turkey with me.

He returned the favor, by strongly recommending me to the then manager of the Mezzanine Gallery, Danny Berger, as the only one to talk to about a KILIM show.

Which he did, and after a brilliantly successful opening, we were invited back, and then made a permanent and colorful fixture on their railings.

After Danny retired in 1999, his successor, Michael Hladky, now also retired from the Metropolitan Museum, started to travel with me, and helped select and price our findings.

What a joy to have him with us (sometimes my manager, Stephanie Tanner, would accompany us). He has a great eye for design and interest. And might be the easiest travel companion ever.

And now to open the lid on our secrets:

Since our rug cleaners retired, we have happily been using the cleaning services of Frank S. Eways in Ruckersville, Virginia. They do a fabulous job, and pick up and deliver too. They also do repairs and sell padding.

Our Turkish suppliers have dwindled, as the years pass by... But the following are ones we still did business with:

In Istanbul we recommend Bedri Yokus of Rainbow, and Hoca in the Grand Bazzar for small pieces. For one of the last purveyors of ancient textiles, Omar Bozdag - behind the Pierre Lotti Hotel. They also serve great coffee.

In Konya we recommend - Young Partners (Geng Ortaklar or Lotto) - next to Rumi’s tomb. We also stay in their hotel - Rumi Otel. Silk Road rugs and hotel - Mehmet Uchar - up the street from the Rumi Otel. Also dear old friends. Lutfi, just behind the old and now closed Ahmet’s Place, is a great place to hang out with AWAK pilots.

This May, Michael and I are returning to Turkey to say Thank You for 40 years of friendship, support, and good business.

We hope to do a photo spread of our journey, and will share with y’all. We are also considering a list of great eating places and favorite recipes. More on that later.


All our loving thanks

Saul for the Sun Bow Crew

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