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A selection from Sun Bow's archive of articles from magazines, newspapers, journals and trade periodicals about tribal textiles written by Saul Barodofsky.
Also, a selection from our library of articles about Sun Bow Trading.

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Discussion: Rug Morning Session at the Textile Musuem with Saul Barodofsky and R.J. How, June 15, 2002

Pulling the rug out
Nomadic textile mogul Saul Barodofsky is unfazed by the world crisis

C-VILLE Weekly May 7-13, 2002
Hal� milyarderi
Posta, 25 Eyl�l 2001 Sali
Amble On
Charlottesville's Downtown Mall Is a Stroller's Paradise

Caroline Kettlewell Special to The Washington Post June 29, 2001
A Letter from Anatolia
Silk Road: A Journal of West Asian Studies, Volume 1, Number 5, June 1998

Woven Bags, 1998

Mideast Meets Midwest
Ethnographic Rugs from Midwest Collections
The Chicago Rug Society, 1993
A Letter from Anatolia: Part I - Istanbul, 1992

A Letter from Anatolia: Part II - Konya, 1992

On the Road to Azerbaijan:
Paranoia and price gouging in the post Soviet era

Oriental Rug Review, 1992, Vol.13/1
Charlottesville's Indiana Jones:
The life and times of tribal rug trader Saul Barodofsky
Albermarle Magazine, June-July, 1991
Letter From the Northwest Frontier
Oriental Rug Review, 1989, Vol.9/5
Notes from Anatolia
Oriental Rug Review, April / May, 1988, Vol.8/4
Notes from Anatolia
Oriental Rug Review, 1987, Vol.8/1
Gallery Shows
Hali Magazine, January, 1985, Issue 25

Museum Exhibitions
Hali Magazine, July/August/September, 1985, Issue 27

Exhibitions: Oriental Textiles and Tribal Rugs
from Virginia Homes

Hali Magazine, 1983, Vol 5, No. 3

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