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Hali Magazine, July/August/September, 1985, Issue 27

Nomads and Caravans
The Bayly Museum of Art,
University of Virginia,
26 May - 23 June

The Bayly Museum of Art in Charlottesville, Virginia, held a Spring exhibition of Kirghiz and Kazak yurts, with related textiles from Chinese Turkestan, described as 'nomadic and oasis textiles from Xinjiang Province, Western China'. Featured were two complete examples of nomadic yurts, richly furnished inside with original materials. The textiles included embroideries, brocades, appliqués, quilts, silks, velvets and felts. There were also eleven carpets from the province, the most unusual of which were two Kirghiz main carpets and a piled yurt surround of Mongol origin, with a trellis design on a yellow field. The yurts and related textiles were located in situ in Xingjiang Chinese Turkestan by the exhibition's guest curators, Saul Yale Barodofsky and Ananda Cynthia Cronin, of the Sun Bow Trading Company.
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