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Belts, Bands & Tassles

As Elizabeth Wayland Barber says in her masterful work Womens work: The first 20,000 years - the first and most important development needed to start weaving was the creation of thread. Without this, there would be no weaving, plaiting, embroidery, applique, knitting, sewing - etc, etc, etc. We have always loved these small weavings, the many interesting additions to them, as well as the eccentric changes of pattern in the bands themselves. They, also, were used for many purposes - from belts for people and animals, to ties for tents, and cargo, as well as warding off the evil eye. For more on this latter theme, please see our monograph on Nazarlik on our web site.

Band with woolen tassels

Tent band

Small belt

Boskir band

Yuruk belt

Helvaji belt

Bergama horse girth strap

Woven band with cowries

Woven band with tassels

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