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The Sun Bow Collection

One of the fortunate problems of being both a collector and a dealer is that we must decide what to keep and what to sell. It seems that there have always been some pieces that have gone through our hands which we have been very reluctant to pass on. These pieces have formed the basis of the Sun Bow Collection. They have included Koran Bags, animal decorations, pictorial pieces, and the Nazarlik Collection - all of which are Private, and not for sale.
Over the years, more categories have been added:
Dated Pieces, Belts and Bands, Clothing, and a large group of Special Pieces which are just too fabulous and rare to let go of. We have used these pieces as the basis of our lectures, exhibitions, loans & outreach to museums, and pictorial examples for print media.

The following collections are intended both to spark your interest, and add to your knowledge of life amongst Tribal and Nomadic Societies. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed collecting them.

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